Hiding one part of divisi bugs visuals of layout

I have made a divisi in my full score for the alt voice.
And because I wanted for each of the two divisi a solo score I copied the solo part and hid one voice divisi on each part. It works flawlessly on the first one but when I do it on the second one this happens.

Does someone know why this happens?

Welcome to the forum @layberize - the divisi feature is really intended for where the same section divides but in the part layout, you want to be able to show all the divisions together. (e.g. useful in string writing where you may want to change how many players are on each division, and that means you don’t need to reprint alternatives for the players who switch lines)

If you only want parts with separate lines, why not set this up as separate players with any “unis.” etc indications you want added manually?