Hiding one staff of the piano when both staves are only rests

Hi all!

My piano part in a big band piece I’m working on is mostly active, but it drops out during one of the solos. The piano, mostly, is best represented on one staff but there are a few spots where I need both so I don’t want to only use a single staff for the whole thing.

I’d like to keep a single staff visible at all times (mostly for score visual consistency), which mostly works with the available Layout visibility options, but when the piano rests completely, the Layout settings hide both staves (as the settings state). Is there a way to hide one staff but keep the other visible, even when both are filled with rests, to maintain the look I’m going for?

Manual staff visibility is your friend :slight_smile:

Hey, perfect!!! Thanks @Christian_R

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You are welcome.

There is also an automatic way to do this. In Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Staff Visibility:

  • Check “Allow individual staves of multi-staff instruments to be hidden”
  • Under “Players excluded from Hide Empty Staves” check the Piano

This is good unless you have other 2-staff instruments and you don’t want one staff of those being hidden.

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I usually use this panel, but didn’t find it helped when the entire part (piano in this case) was just rests. My goal is that all instruments are still visible in the score, but that piano only takes up one staff at times when it’s resting for the whole page. When I used the method you suggest, the whole thing disappears for that page.

Unless I’m not following you…

I won’t be able to try this until I get back to my Dorico computer Saturday night. I would think the problem with my solution might be that both staves of the Piano are prevented from hiding. Can someone else test before I can?

Just tried it to make sure I’m not missing anything…

The checked “Players excluded…” box seems to just revert the piano back to all showing—empty staves included. This actually makes sense to me too, as how would Dorico know which (upper or lower) to hide without additional info…?

Here a little
explanation of what happens.

For your case, where you have no content but want the upper stave of piano always visible, the Manual Staff Visibility as suggested in my previous post, is the way to go, i think.