Hiding part for part of a line

I have a score where handclaps come in near the end (and finish before the actual end). Obviously I van hide empty systems to get rid of the handclap line for most of the piece, but when it comes in part-way along the line is it possible to hide the empty bars at the start of the line (and ditto at the end)? Not just hide the rests; hide the complete empty part of the line. Thanks.

I was just thinking, if you gave the handclap to the next player down in your score and notate it as an Ossia for that player, you might get exactly what you are looking for.

You could have a single-line percussion instrument held by the same player (assuming it’s not a section player, of course) and switch to and from the handclaps by way of Dorico’s automatic instrument changes.

How about using a separate playable staff for the handclap, hiding it, and then using it (or a pitched five-line “dummy” staff to place the note) as a cue in the vocal part(s)?

Well, it is a section player - a choral part - but no doubt the score would look as good if it were not.

I can’t get the ossia idea to work because it gives me the save 5-line staff as the choir, whereas the handclaps need to be on a single line staff.

I can’t get the cue idea to work because when I hide the handclap player, Dorico hides the cue as well (also it puts the cue in the singers’ staff, not in a line on its own, but I could live with that).

Ossias will always use the same kind of staff as the main staff, I’m afraid. If you need to show the handclaps and the vocal staff as two separate staves, then adding a separate handclaps instrument held by a new player and then using the “hide empty staves” feature to hide it when it’s not needed might be the better bet.

Yes, that’s how I’ve done it. I’d just like to hide the empty bars at the start and the end because they don’t occur at a convenient system break.