hiding partial rests

hi there,

I’d like to hide some rests, both in the beginning and at the end of a bar.
I’ve hidden them in Engrave by colouring them white and setting the opacity to 0%, and moving them out from the stave.

When I turn off note colours, I don’t see them in Write or Engrave – however, they come back in Print.

How can I make sure these rests do not appear in print or PDF exports?
Attaching example…thank you!

Have you set the printing option to “colour”, and checked the Annotations View options?

hmm, so yes, I’ve done that but

– when I check “view options”, it removes the hidden rests, but this way it also exports the annotation marks (system breaks, etc.) into the exported PDF.

– When I uncheck “view options”, the system formatting handles disappear but the hidden rests make a reappearance.

can’t win…

You can hide system breaks in the menu View -> Signposts