Hiding Pedal in Organ 3 stave


I am somewhat new to Dorico and a Finale defector, and thus far I very much love this software and find that I will probably move all of my projects from Finale going forward. I have sought diligently to find the answer to this question, but perhaps my googling and searching skills have failed me. I have sought to follow the guidelines for posting as outlined by Daniel.

I am working on a project for organ with multiple movements that I am using multiple flows for. The third movement has no pedal and is just for manual only. I would like to hide the third pedal staff for this flow, but cannot seem to do this using the stipulated procedure for hiding staves. I would love to know how to do this rather than adding an organ 2 stave instrument which I would have to hide for the other four movements and copy the work I have done to it. Is this possible?

Thanks so much!

Welcome to the forum, ilikebach. Try selecting the first rest in the pedal staff and choosing Edit > Staff > Remove Staff. That will remove it for that flow.

Absolutely perfect! Thanks so much for such a timely and helpful reply!

To perhaps answer a question that may come up in the future, how would one hide the pedal staff for a portion of the flow if there were to be an extended section that has omitted the pedal, but not the entirety of the flow?

Click on a measure and add the staff back. Or you can also hide empty staves in Layout Options—Vertical spacing.

That would do it! Thanks so much Daniel and dankreider for helping me out with this. Learning things like this helps much in overcoming other questions and making new discoveries on how to use Dorico. Thanks for this as well as your answers in other threads that have helped me.

ilikebach, the easiest way, rather than adding and subtracting manually, is to use the layout options — vertical spacing that Dan mentioned. Then it’s totally automatic. You might have to play around with “allow individual staves of a grand-staff instrument to be hidden” as well. I can’t remember at the moment how that affects the pedal stave. Also, if you ever want to change the bracketing/bracing, you can do that in engrave mode with the left panel as well.

I’ll also note that there is an “organ/keyboard particularities” thread that I occasionally resurrect with issues that pertain to organ. You might want to check that out as well.