Hiding player name as wanted?

For my singers, when not singing in the preceding system, I show their full name in the staff, and hide it in the margin. Any way to do that now in 3.5?


Add a system break at the beginning of that system, then with the signpost selected, in the properties panel, you can choose what staff labels to show or hide.

I think this functionality predates version 3 by a good bit if I remember correctly.

If I’m seeing that right, it looks as if I can only show or hide all staff names at that break. Is that correct?

I’m working on an Opera and want just to hide the singers abreviations from time to time.

Yes, but those abbreviation labels only appear at the beginning of systems anyways. And you can add a break anywhere, and thus have control over showing or hiding at that location.

You could also use a divisi change - but without adding/removing extra staves - as that shows divisi change labels above the staff according to your Layout Options.

Thanks for the help Dan, but I still don’t understand. If I have a system of 4 measures, and Singer John enters at bar 3 of that system, I’d like for “J” not to appear in the margin to the left of that system (but all other player names yes), and then I’ll manually put “John” in about the stave at bar 3. Is this possible?

It seems like for Singers, I can’t add a divisi?

you can if they’re section players.

Yes, important point I forgot to include, sorry - divisi can only be done for section players. You can switch the player type without manually copying/pasting anything by pressing Shift-Alt-P to add a section player, then press Esc to close the instrument picker without adding an instrument, then just drag the instrument from the existing solo player’s card to the new empty section player. Once you’ve got one single-staff divisi change set up, you can Alt-click it to any other place where you want the divisi change label above the staff.

Alternatively, you can input text objects using Shift-X and enter the relevant player name there. A “bog standard” way of doing it, but depending on the situation, sometimes that’s the simplest and quickest.

Thanks to all for the ideas, I really appreciate it! I might just add the names by hand in the staves. They need to be in small caps, and I don’t want to show divisi names globally. My main problem is still getting rid of the player name in the left margin. I tried creating a staff text object with a border with 0 thickness, unfortunately that seems to still show the border. And “erase backround” seems to only work in the stave, and not cover anything in the margin.

I’d like to be able to do everything in Dorico and not have to touch-up in Acrobat. Any more ideas welcome!

If you do it as a divisi you solve both problems in one go. There are options for where divisi section/solo names show (including in the system, as you put it) and options for whether they should be shown at the start of the system or not. You can always override from the Divisi Change dialog if you need a mix of rules.

Divisi is the perfect workaround here. You really shouldn’t need to edit in Acrobat.

Great ideas, after reading the manual, I still don’t get it.

I have a singer named “Gregor”. Inspite of being a solo singer, he uses a section player staff. When he appears in the score, there’s a “G” in the margin. If he doesn’t sing on a system and then appears on the following system, I’d like for the “G” not to appear in the margin (for that system only), and for the name “Gregor” to appear above the staff, where he starts to sing.

So in WRITE mode, I right-click on a note where he starts, go to “staff”, then “Change divisi”. There seems to be one division there by default, called “unis”. I can’t select that. How do I create a division without adding an extra staff? I can click on “add section” (that gives me 1 & 2), I could then delete one of those and name the other one “Gregor”. Do I need to add a group? Creat two sections and delete one of them? Create 2 soloists and delete one of them? But then that text (“Gregor”) doesn’t show, and the follow options-show-hide at the bottom doesn’t seem to change anything. Does this need to be done to the first note of a system, or possible on 3rd bar of a system?

I would love to get this working if someone could explain?

Many thanks!

Create two soloists then immediately delete the second one. Then select the remaining first soloist and edit its staff labels.

If I add a solo division, I get Solo & Gli altri, then delete the Gli atrri, it doesn’t seem to work. If I really create a second staff then the naming thing seems to have an effet?

Ok. Create two section players and then immediately delete the second one. The point is that whichever section/solo remains should have editable names.

When having just one staff, even a section staff, it still isn’t showing that section name above the staff, nor hiding (as I ask it to) the player (or “group”) name in the margin.

Thanks so much for your help, but I can’t get tit to work.

In the Divisi change dialog, set both of the bottom options to “hide”. In Layout Options > Staves and Systems > Staff Labels, tick “Show divisi change labels above staves”.
This was broken in 3.5.0, so if you haven’t updated to 3.5.10/11 you should do so now.

Thanks so much. Yeah I was still on 3.5.0

Well I did the update, and now it’s showing the divisi change label, but it’s still not hiding the player (“G”) in the left margin…

I tried the divisi change both on the first bar of the system as well as on the third.

If there’s some other way around this I’d love to find out. Would there be any way to just hide a player name (even with a blank text), or replace it?

Many thanks!