Hiding players in a flow?

Hello Dorico users, This may seem like a simple question, but I’ve got an orch score, and I want one player/part not to show in the full score. Is making another Conducting Score without the unwanted part the ONLY way to do this? Or is there a way to hide the unwanted player from the flow, without deleting its music. Because I want to keep the part. I just don’t want it in the full score.
Hello Steinberg team, if this is the only way to do it, then it would be really useful to have the option of hiding players in a flow WITHOUT deleting their music.

In Setup mode, select the Score in the right panel. Then untick the player in the left panel. Done.

edit: actually I’m confused. You seem to be interspersing the word “flow” with “score”.
The method above will remove a player from a score layout (in all flows) while retaining their music in the part layout. Are you saying you want this player to appear in the score in some flows but not others? There’s a workaround if you need it.

Thanks Leo. I was carrying out the same operation with all Layouts selected on the RH side. The result was that I got the message that removing the player from the flow would result in the deletion of all music in that flow.
Yes, you’re right. I also mixed up flow and score.

But…now that I’ve followed Leo’s advice (which was genuinely helpful), my flute and bass parts (which I did not touch) are now showing Setup>Layouts as “Empty part” and they are completely missing from the drop-down list of parts in the top-middle of the screen. Yet they are still showing on the Full Score. Can someone explain why this is?

If you select the flute and bass part layouts, do they contain any flows? It might be that you inadvertently deselected the flows…

To show that graphically - if you select a layout in the right panel, you need ticks in both the bottom and left panels or nothing will appear in your part.

I had this happen yesterday. I have a feeling that, with the Layout sepected on the right panel, Mnatseah inadvertently unchecked the player from that layout. That makes it read “Empty part.” Select that layout, check the box for the player on the left side, and the layout name will return (and it’ll show up in the dropdown at the top, too).

The part layout names are dynamic - as you add or remove players from a part layout, the layout name will change.

Thanks to Leo and Dan. Yes, that’s what happened. The Flute and Bass parts had become unchecked in the LH Players panel. That’s why they had become “Empty Part”.

I do have to admit that there can be much confusion about this. It is VERY important that you need to select a flow or layout BEFORE unticking a player on the left… there can be drastic results (i.e., lose of music already written) if one doesn’t understand the difference. Believe me, I know. :wink: But it’s a step to be aware of and not taken lightly. Once you understand the concept though, it is brilliant in how it can be used for different flows and layouts.

If you untick any player from flows, even if they have a single note written in a selected flow, you will get a a warning message (I know because I asked for that warning a couple of years ago). So it is important to always read and heed the warnings.

I believe that if unchecking a player by right-clicking on a flow, there is no warning - it happens immediately. Luckily, UNDO is a quick keystroke away. :smirk:

You are correct. And I believe this should also be corrected to include a warning.