hiding playing techniques for guitar scores

Is there a way to set a default to hide playing techniques in a particular layout?
I write for guitar ensembles where there tend to be numerous (custom created) playing techniques applied to parts for barrés.
Also I use the new vertical line to indicate range of barré and shift-X text for positions (though I’m aware this could easily be made a custom playing technique).

Most of my editing time seems to be taken up with tidying up scores which involves hiding all the above except for techniques like pizz, sul pont and nat.
It would be helpful if there was a checkbox for individual layouts for these as is available for fingering…

There’s no option to do this, and nor is it something we’re likely to add in the near future. However, you should find it’s very quick to do Command-A to select all, Edit > Filter > Playing Techniques to select all playing techniques in the layout, then activate the ‘Hide’ property.

Yes, thanks Daniel - I had just discovered that one!
Also, Edit > Filter > Text to find all the other ones - I just wish I could select all flows to find them all at once.
(Perhaps once can).

Indeed - you can’t filter (or select all) across multiple flows simultaneously.