Hiding quantize presets?

So I’m really starting to get into using grooves and swing on my drum tracks. I got a set of MPC groove .mid files which threw into the quantize panel and saved as presets, but now whenever I goto my quantize presets they’re all there and there’re a lot of them. Is there any way of maybe hiding them from the quantize presets on the arrange page but having them visible when I open the quantize panel?

I guess not. I also have a lot mpc grooves that I use for quantizing
and since I saved 'em the list is quite long.
But to be true: That ain’t a problem for me.
Another thing that might work for you is saving the MIDI files
of the MPC Grooves somewhere you can import 'em easily and
make a groove preset when you need it without saving it.
Then it’ll only be saved with the project.


Thanks a lot bud, that’s what I plan on doing.