Hiding rests - again (sorry!)

i do not understand, why, as shown in the video, I cannot activate “Start voice” manually, even though this is the feature that gets activated, when I remove rests via “Edit => Remove rests”. Also, when deactivating the “Start voice” option again, the rests will not return… I am confused…

And how can I remove a voice in a situation like the one shown in the screenshot, where the r.h. of the piano has 2 fermatas on one rest?

Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-25 um 10.15.50

That would be because you cannot start a voice that has not been stopped before. When you “remove rests”, that “ends voice” property gets toggled on the last note before the rests in that voice (you can check it!)

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As for the fermata, try selecting the fermata in Engrave mode and activating the property for the maximum number of fermatas per staff.

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@MarcLarcher That turned a light on! :slight_smile: Thank you!

@dspreadbury Thank you! (I hope it won’t take too much more time to do this “switch to engrave mode” step before bothering anybody…)

The five modes are on Ctrl/Cmd-1-5. Write mode is Ctrl/Cmd-2, Engrave is Ctrl-Cmd/3 etc.
Switching really shouldn’t take long.

I think @rowild means more that he has to remember to switch to Engrave mode to find some of the Engrave mode-specific properties and features.

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Yes, Daniel is right. Switching is not yet part of my work routine… but I’ll get there.