Hiding rests for graphic score

Hi Steinberg Community, how can I hide these rests?
Thank you

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Do you really need to use a percussion staff (a real one, I mean) ? Because rests are still a different beast on these staves than on a regular instrument staff, and before Dorico 4 comes out, this is a complicated matter to deal with…

I don’t really need to use a percussion staff but I don’t know what else I could use. When Dorico 4 will come out?

You can take a non-percussion instrument you are unlikely to ever use, and change the instruments.xml definition to be a 1-line staff.

If you use that instrument, then you’ll have Dorico’s full editing capabilities and can hide the rests.

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Dorico 4 is expected to be available before the end of 2021.

I think you could change the opacity in the color property to make them invisible
or scale them to 1%.


This is what you would do on a normal staff, not a percussion staff. Oh wait, that could actually work on a one-line percussion representation, right ? If so, I’m so sorry to have mislead you, Vgaladini. This is, of course, the first thing to try.

It’s great to see other people using graphic notation in Dorico! It’s not the easiest to deal with, so I would love to see more built-in features for this kind of thing.

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