Hiding rests in divisi in condensed staves

Apologies if I’ve missed this on another post (couldn’t find it!) but I’d like to condense divisi upper strings such that they appear in two voices with just one set of rests. This one has an extra set and the “hiding rests” condensing options don’t appear to help.

Project cutoff attached.

fwiw: I have definitely not wrapped my brain around how all the condensing options, div./unis. settings on single vs. multiple staves, and manual Condensing Changes interact, especially with formatting system and frame breaks. Is there a good resource for deep diving into these issues?
SUMMER_MB_zR_cutoff.dorico (1.3 MB)

Have a look at Notation Options > Rests > Rest Positioning > Coincident rests of the same duration in opposing voices: > Show only one rest.

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That solved it! Cheers.