Hiding Rests in Individual Empty Bars

Is there a way to hide rests in empty bars on a case-by-case basis rather than globally (through the Layout Options)? I don’t want to hide rests in every empty bar in the piece, I just want to do it in specific spots, but I don’t see any directions on how to do that unless I’m missing it somewhere.


I think you’re missing… Edit menu > remove rests!
That thing is in Dorico since Dorico 2, I think… I have cmd-r as a shortcut, I select the rests I want to get rid of, remove rests and voilà !

Yes, I did see that, but it doesn’t seem to work on every staff. It’s not removing rests from percussion parts, for example. I figured/hoped there was another option I was missing.

There isn’t a good option for removing rests from Percussion Kits, because you can’t force explicit rests on percussion kits - their rests don’t really exist. Percussion Kits are akin to condensed staves in that respect.

I’m not only talking about kits. I have timpani and mallet parts that it’s not working for.

Could you post the project or a cut-down project so that we can really help you? With the info provided, my first answer was really accurate.

Restart seemed to help some. It still doesn’t work on the timpani staff for some reason, but I got it to work on the mallets after a restart. Still seems like it should be possible on the other staves though (percussion kits and timpani).

Thanks for the help though!