Hiding Rests in Other Voices

Having downloaded the trial version, I am beginning to experience the frustration I have found on the forum since Dorico’s release. Let it however be known that this is not a complaint. I just want help with learning Dorico smoothly. I am one of the ones invested in this project. I wish Dorico great success.

That said, how do I hide rests from multiple voices on a staff?

How does one transpose a note an octave (change of register)?


You should read the FAQ thread.

Dorico doesn’t really hide rests: instead, you specify where the voice should end, and any subsequent rests will not appear. Select the last note in the voice after which you don’t want rests to appear and switch on the ‘Ends voice’ property.

To transpose notes by an octave, use Ctrl+Alt+up/down arrow.

Hi Daniel,

How could I achieve this notation? (which implies hiding rests, I would imagine).


Dear Robert P,

Here is my rendering of your first two bars.
Indeed I had to use a lot “ends voice”, and I had to “hide” two rests that would not disappear as the others (using the color/opacity workaround).
By the way, the new function to add an interval over a whole selection works great.
Capture d’écran 2016-12-02 à 13.59.15.png
Hope it helps !

If you use ‘start’ and ‘end’ voice on all the notes you don’t have to hide rests with the colour / transparency thing. Dorico does seem to want the beams to go the other way round though.
Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 13.41.31.png

Well John,

I selected all the notes, applied start and end voice , and I still have two rests showing.
Capture d’écran 2016-12-02 à 16.08.31.png
For the stems, I had to force stems down for the left hand.

Suppose you have have many measures with this type of notation… (very common in string music, see for instance at the end of Bach’s chaconne for violin from the partita #2)
This would advocate for an easier mechanism… such as simply being able to hide/show rest, no?

In product “B”, this is quite easy to do.


If you had many bars like this, I would suggest that you enter one of them, then copy and paste and use the Lock to Durations feature to repitch the music in the copied bars, which would be much quicker even than hiding rests.

Thank you all. This helps.