Hiding Rests!

I understand the idea that rests have to account for, but unless there’s a way to tweak my voicing to still get the things I want to otherwise behave as a downstem voice, the attached looks pretty clunky for a drumset voice

(not a percussionist, and I tweaked the hi-hat and snare voice setting)

You can take those down-stem kick drum notes and do Edit > Percussion > Change Voice > Extra Down-stem Voice, and that should hopefully take care of it.

This worked for me!

I would make this a single voice drumpart. This is also tipical linear drumming so single voice is much more clear IMO. Then you have to make a new slash voice yourself by adding an intrument on the b line an give this instrument a slash notehead. That is how I would solve this problem. See attachment for the result.


Maarten, you’re responding to a post from over a year ago. I think we can probably assume that Matan’s solved his problem, by now…

As a drummer I have to say that this is very dificult to read while it is a very simple groove. In this case I would say: or you make an voice for the bassdrum, hihat feet and one for the hands, or you make a single voice part. I realize that you can say; I just want Dorico be possible to make the part I want. But please have mercy with the drummer who has to play it. :slight_smile:


Thank you! In your feedback I am struggling to understand just a bit, are you saying the best option would be to:

  1. Switch hihat foot to downstem voice and that’s all (except perhaps clearing rests)
  2. Make everything (which in this case would just be adding bass drum) a single upstem voice


Yes I think the best solution is “1. Switch hihat foot to downstem voice and that’s all (except perhaps clearing rests)” You can also go to Notation options (CTRL SHIFT N), percussion and chose single voice. Is also very clear reading, I.m.o. and more easy to write because you don’t have unwanted rests.
Greetings, Maarten

Hey Daniel, is there a possibility of getting this feature available on a future version? I’m struggling to get my drum parts down the way I want it in the musical I’m writing.

Dorico 4 does a much better job of at least allowing percussion rests to be hidden (e.g. by using Edit > Remove rests.)

What specific problems are you finding?

(And in this case, probably best to start a new thread, because much of the stuff in this thread is too far out of date to be of help.)

Actually, I just explored Dorico 4 after posting that question and was able to get a trial version and delete those percussion rests. That was the biggest problem. I’m still running into problems with creating cue markings from a multi-percussion line such as a drumset to be shown up as a cue. But not an immediate problem that I can’t work around.

Does this

or this


Are you trying to add a cue where the source instrument is an entire percussion kit? I think you can only cue individual instruments from kits, you can’t cue the whole kit in one cue – but I’m not sure whether that’s clearly outlined in the manual if so, I’ve made a note to review this.

Hey Lillie, yes, it would be nice to cue the whole drum kit from a pitched or unpitched staff line. Especially for other percussionists, that would be nice.