Hiding Rests

Hi Guys, I feel bad that I ask so many questions, but then I thought that I should not as we have nowhere else to go to raise our concerns. So. please be patient with us as we learn Dorico.

I have read Pieter Roos’ post regarding the same matter, but my problem is slightly different.

I am trying to delete/hide rests (circled in the pic)…but I have no adjacent rests in the same 2nd voice to select in order to use the Ends and Start properties. It does not hide the rests.

Is there no way you guys can just Ctrl + H and ANY object hides…like in Sibelius? OR…keep the property idea, but then ANY object’s properties should appear in the properties pane so that it can be turned on or off at will…pretty much like Sibelius’ inspecter.

Bethlehem.zip (172 KB)

Select the first F bar 12, in properties click “starts voice”. And bar 9, select the last second voice note and in the properties, click “ends voice”.
This should get rid of the rests

If you choose View > Note Colors > Voice Colors, you will be able to see the voice the rests “belong to” and therefore, which voice needs to end prior to the rests.

HI guys, thanks for your help.

I think the video is going to be easier to see my attempt, which was not successful :frowning:


Hello Hans,
I don‘t know, wether it helps, try this:

  1. Select the rests and hit delete. Only afterwards apply the Properties (ends voice/start voice).
  2. If this does not help, try changing the rests to different values, like quarter rests. Then try applying properties again.
    I hope you are lucky

Hi k_b,

I DID attempt to Delete them by selecting it and pressing “Delete”…and it just remained there staring at me…


now that YOU told me to do it again IT DELETED!! :slight_smile: It’s GONE! So, I don’t need to manipulate properties or do point nr2.

Excellent…Thanks my friend. Another issue solved.

actually, I don’t really know the reason. There might be two different statuses of visible rests, and you might get to status 1 by trying to delete them with the Backspace key.


I know this has been mentioned in some other thread, but I would strongly advocate the ability to simply hide/show some rest or note (actually “entry”, to speak like product “B”) with a key stroke. That would save some inelegant workaround.


This is where Dorico’s workflow concepts defeat me… surely if I select something and push delete it should go? What meaning is there to the program knowing better than me whether I need a rest? This stuff should be quick…

Dear Hans,

Actually, when you “delete” (i.e. select the rests and delete them), it is like you free them from some sort of “forced appearance”. This behavior is clearly present when you import an XML file. Each and every piece of writing (note or rest) is polluted by some properties. Claude found a great workaround for when you import such XML file for now, in order to get rid of all these strange behaviours :

To reset appearance, select all (ctrl-A) and in edit menu, click on… reset appearance. The same for position. The same for beaming and stems (in the sub-menus). The thread where this appears is : Respell bug? - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

I am confident in that is a workaround and hope we won’t need it in next versions of Dorico.

Hope this helps !