Hiding/Showing Music vs. Bar Repeats Differently in Score & Part Layouts

I’m struggling to finalize the score and parts of piece because of differences in where system and frame (page) breaks occur and where I need to show repeated music written out vs. simply showing bar repeats. (My practice is not to make a conductor look back to a previous page to know what’s being repeated, and to reshow the written figure on each system in a part, so the player can jump in more easily midstream in rehearsal.)


As just one example, between mm. 17–24 I have a two-measure figure in the piano played four times.

In the score I want (need) to see it:

  • 17–18 written out
  • 19–22 two 2-bar repeats
  • // (frame/page break) //
  • 23–24 written out

In the piano part I want (need) to see it:

  • 17–18 written out
  • 19–20 one 2-bar repeat
  • // (system break) //
  • 21–22 written out
  • 23–24 one 2-bar repeat

Is it possible to show the music in mm. 21–22 in the part but not the score, and vice versa in mm. 23–24?

No. (Not yet?). It has long been requested.

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I think this sort of thing might come under MarcLarcher’s comprehensive feature request for “rhythmic compression” from back in 2021. (This will be the 16th post linking back to that thread.)


I just found this [related " Question about bar repeat regions in parts and not in full score" thread], begun in 2018 by @MarcLarcher , and added to over the years.

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