Hiding/showing staff labels only when I want

I would like to know if I am able to turn off staff labels globally, but only turn on certain instruments at certain staves in order to signify that they come in. For example, I am writing a piece where I want the saxophone stave hidden in the first system (as it doesn’t play), and then it pops up once it enters in the second. In this case, I would still want to show the Piano staff label in the first system, but not in the second while still showing the alto sax label.

I would appreciate any help on this! Thanks!

You could edit the short piano staff name to be blank, that would work in this specific case but not cover all the bases you require covering… I’m sure someone cleverer than me will chime in with a better solution.


Using the in-built functionality, you can hide/show staff labels on individual systems so long as there’s a system/frame break there, but you can’t select only some staves to show staff labels: it’s all or none at those positions.

You could just write “ALTO SAX” as a text item above the staff on bar 5, and hide the abbreviated labels.

But, with only one system of piano introduction, I would keep the sax in. If the piano intro was lengthier, and hiding the sax would ‘save a page’, then I’d consider it; but setting out the scoring on the first system leaves no room for confusion, and avoids the awkwardness of how to label the sax’s arrival.

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