Hiding/showing staves individually

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I’m working on an educational sheet (please find the document attached). I want to remove some staves, but at the same time, I want to keep the ones that are empty on purpose (please find the PDF and the wished marks). I’m sure it is possible to do it, but so far, I haven’t find the way :frowning:

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Hi. Put some breaks at the start of each bit. Double click the break (either system break or frame break), this will open the new Visibility tool. You choose which player gets displayed, no matter whether there’s something or not on the staff. You’d probably should update to 3.5.10, because some bugs have been solved…
Hope it helps!
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Thank you very much! It works! I have already upgraded the new version :wink: I have tried what you have done, and it works smoothly.

Now, I would like to move the flow 2 into the flow 1 (to have everything in just two pages). Would it be possible?

I really appreciate any help you can provide,

If you mean you want flow 2 to start on the same page that flow 1 ends on, yes you can do that on a per-layout basis.

Thank you for the suggestion, Lillie. That’s what I’ve been trying without success unfortunately :frowning:

Ah right, I’ve opened up the project now - they’re all staying on separate pages because there isn’t really space for them to go onto 2 pages. If you reduce the staff size, or increase the page size, that might happen automatically (as long as you’ve got the setting to allow flows on previous pages).

I noticed that all your pages have overrides in Engrave mode - it looks like you added the title and deleted flow headings directly on the page. Although that’s the most obvious way perhaps, it’s not the best way as if the 3rd page has overrides and you make the music fit on 2 pages, the 3rd page will remain there, empty. Here’s some information about page overrides.

Instead, you can enter the project title information in the Project Info dialog (the information on the first page will get updated automatically), and hide/show flow headings (in this case, you’d want to hide them!). If you don’t want to see the little flow heading at the very top of the page (for pages 2 onwards), you can edit the Default master page and remove that token. You’ll get the best results out of Dorico when you try to do the majority of your edits at a global/default level - that means you have to manually edit fewer individual pages.

Best explanation ever! What a great support team! Thank you both of you!

Thanks for the compliment :wink:
Well, just so you know, I am a simple fellow Dorician, but since day one. Lillie is responsible for writing the user guide, no wonder why her explanations are outstanding!