Hiding/showing text around wildcards

In a collection I’m editing, some flows have only a composer, while some have a composer and an arranger to credit.

In the first case, I’d like Dorico simply to display the name of the composer on the page, so {@flowComposer@} works great.

In the second case, I’d like Dorico to display something like:

{@flowComposer@} arranged by {@flowArranger@}

But if I add the text “arranged by” to the master page, of course it appears on every flow, even when there is no arranger.

Is there any way to get Dorico to show the text "arranged by " only if {@flowArranger@} is not null? If not, what’s the best workaround? Should I enter the text “arranged by” in the File info dialogue?

You could duplicate the First master page (which I’m guessing you’re using for each flow? or are you using the First page just for the very beginning of the collection and just flow headings for the rest?) and have one that includes the flow arranger token & intro. Then assign that master page to the relevant pages (or if you have more flows with arrangers than not, the other way around).

You could put the whole text Arranged by: Arranger into the Flow arranger field. Then it would only appear if the field was populated. Of course, this doesn’t work if you want part of it bold or italicized.

Thanks Lillie and Craig, two viable solutions!

In that case you could even appropriate another unused token like {@flowArtist@} for the “arranged by” bit. Also, you could include the spaces in between within the token itself, then stick them close together in the master page. That way, in places where they shouldn’t appear, they don’t mess up the spacing.