Hiding some staff labels

Hello Dorico users,
I’ve got a score where I want the staff label to appear in the Full Score, but not in the Piano-Vocal Layout. But I don’t want no staff labels in the Piano-Vocal. (I want it to show the “Piano” label, but not the “Vocal” one.)
So switching off labels for the Layout is not an option, coz that hides all the labels.
And deleting the Instrument Name in Setup is not an option, coz then it doesn’t appear in the Full Score.
Is there any way I can hide the “Vocal” label in the Piano-Vocal Layout alone?
Thanks for any advice.

Do you need both the Full staff label and the Short staff label, in the Full Score? If not, you could misuse one of them.

Yes, I do.

There’s no good way to do this, because staff labels have to be the same in each layout (though obviously you can choose whether the full, short, or no name appears in each layout). So if you really need to do this, you might want to specify that staff names don’t appear in this particular layout, then manually indent the system using the note spacing tools in Engrave mode, and finally add the desired staff labels using Shift+X text.

(Funnily enough this last came up just yesterday.)

Is this still the case (July, 2021, v. 3.5.12)?

I’m afraid nothing has changed in this field. What is it exactly you are trying to do? Reading the thread, I think the OP’s problem can easily be dealt with, using a new vocal player that is simply a copy of the vocal player with a space as a name…

Thanks, Marc. I’m just notating some polyrhythms, via two “players”, but that aren’t instrument-specific, so in Layout Options/staff labels I chose no staff labels, then indented the system in Engrave mode, and used ordinary text to use other terms to describe the staves involved (eg, “meter 1”, “meter” 2, etc). (Which is what I understood from Daniel’s original response.)

Well ok… But you might as well have called them Meter 1 and Meter 2, since you don’t need them to have another name. The OP’s problem was that he needed the same player to have a name and no name (space). Which is not possible yet.

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Ooops – another thing I haven’t yet learned: how does one change the given name of a player’s instrument?

ah . . . .just figured it out!
Thanks, Marc!

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