Hiding staff lines for specific measure

i was searching for that topic and found things bout it, but just quite old forum posts. 2018…
I need to hide Staff lines some times, and keep the notes.

Did something change and is it possible to just hide the staff lines of one measure?

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Not directly, as far as I know. You would need to silently change to an instrument written on a 0-line staff, and this should be possible using the xml hack you can find on the forum (unless I’m mistaken, the instrument editor does not allow 0-line staff, only down to 1-line-staff). Hope it helps!

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thank you for the answer… hm that makes stuff now really complicated for me :frowning: I need this frequently… already have a document with almost 30 flows, for 5 pages :wink: and now xml hack and a secondary instrument to handle… atm moment I don’t see where dorico helps XD

@MarcLarcher’s workaround is really the only way to do this that I know of. If you have this in Galley …

… it will look like this in Page:

I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to do, but that’s at least currently possible.


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Something like that for example. rhythm games and so on for children and beginner. It just is nicer to look at if there is no staff line at all. in the end, I could do it with the 1 line rhythm staff.

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Probably easiest to do with Dan Kreider’s font MusGlyphs

good to know :slight_smile:

I decided to go for a solution where I do an SVG slice of the part what I want with a staff line thickness 1/10000 , and insert it as a graphics block in to the other project. for the stuff I want to do its the most simple way.

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Thanks. I also need to do this for some children’s music and your solution seems to be working well. Much appreciated.