Hiding Staves

Dear All,

Loving using Dorico!

Just one thing - I really miss the way that ‘Hide Staves’ worked on Sibelius.

Maybe I’m being thick but the options on Dorico still seem limiting to me.

I’ve got a score which includes 2 flutes, with the second doubling piccolo.

So the staves I have are:

Flutes 1 & 2
Flute 1

This allows me all the options - when the 2nd flute is playing piccolo, I can’t have the 'Flutes 1 & 2 stave, so I use the ‘Flute 1’ stave, etc etc,

The thing I’m finding annoying is that I have so many staves present on my (orchestral) score as I’m writing - and it would be so great to be able to delete them on a page by page basis so my pages are less cluttered. I’m sure I’ll be able to work it out once I’ve finished the piece, but I’m finding it’s overcomplicating everything whilst I’m working on it. Also I’m not entirely sure that the options in Dorico at present mean I’ll be able to set out my score as I’d like it - e.g. if I selected ‘Hide empty staves after first system’ I’ll have the three staves (pics, flute 1 & 2, flute 1) present on the first page, which I don’t want. BUT, I also don’t want to hide all empty staves from the first page, because a lot of the players are tacit at the beginning, but I want to show the full list of instruments on the first page of the score. I don’t think it works excluding any of the parts from the Hide staves either, because I don’t want any of the staves always present after the first page.

I hope this makes sense. And sorry if I’ve missed an update where I can now hide staves on a page by page basis! But didn’t find anything in the forum or the new PDF. Apologies if I’ve overlooked something…

all best and happy 2018!


You can optimize the score. I am working on a chorus and orch multiple movt score and have the option to keep the full score on the first pg of each flow (movt) then each succeeding pg of a flow only shows who has music.

I’m also unable to get what I want with this. I want to show/hide empty staves on an ad hoc basis for reasons that Dorico is never going to guess. It’s sort of possible with flows, but unwieldy - and destroys the concept of flows for organisation. I also may have missed something, otherwise this is near the top of my struggle-to-live-without requests.

Hi Cheryl - nice to see a real-world colleague on here (I think we met at an Oriana choir rehearsal!)

The team have already stated that they’re working on a proper solution to deal with multiple players on single staves (think Flutes 1+2, where in the score they show on one stave but have two separate part layouts).
It’s unwieldy because, at this point, this area of the programme is incomplete.

Be patient - it’ll all get easier once the feature is actually implemented.


Can you use hide empty staves for all pages and then put forced measure rests in the first measure of those staves you wish to see on page 1?

There’s not a lot you can do that won’t potentially break a multirest in the parts, but Derrek’s idea would fix the problem of the first page of score.

Hello everyone (and nice to meet you virtually post Oriana pianoleo!)

Thanks so much for this. Will look forward to the upgrade and will try the force measure rests idea - sorry to be thick - how to I do this?

Just a thought - would having the first page of each movement as a separate flow also work?

Great to know this feature will be implemented though - hurrah!

many thanks,

(It might also have been a Piano Circus thing; I can’t remember!)

You could indeed have the first page of each movement as a separate flow, but that will likely then cause you problems when you come to sort the parts - Dorico will force each flow onto a new system, and unless you’re willing to do a fair bit of manual labour, a new page! You could, of course, setup a new score layout that you only use for your first page(s), but that’ll require a fair bit of tweaking at the print stage (or by combining pages of different PDFs together, if you prefer).

I can’t actually see how one goes about forcing a measure rest that centres correctly, so here’s another idea:

You can do this in Galley mode if you already have the staves hidden: Above whichever empty staves you need to show, insert a Shift-X text item. Rather than typing any actual text, just hit Space, then Escape. This will force the stave to show, but it’ll also break a multirest if there’s a multirest in the part. As things stand there’s no easy way around that.

“Above whichever empty staves you need to show, insert a Shift-X text item. Rather than typing any actual text, just hit Space”

Outstanding suggestion!

I do hope this gets improved. My brain is full of Finale kludges; it would be great not to fill it with Dorico ones…

AMAZING. I remember now this was what the problem I had before was (not being able to centre the rest)

The text idea is fabulous, and anyway, I can just (at this stage) duplicate the score after it looks how I like it, and use a different file for parts, deleting these text boxes. I know this is against the Dorico philosophy but probably the best work around for now?

Ah - now I’m confused! Bush Hall Piano Circus gig? :slight_smile:


I think I’d use the one file, insert a frame break at the top of the next page, and then delete the Shift-X text items when you need to prep the parts (after printing/PDFing the score). Then make a note to self that you need to put those text items back if you ever revise the score. Less danger when making revisions if the parts are still linked to the score.

(Oh and yes, Bush Hall, but I think I also repped for an Oriana rehearsal where they were just starting work on a piece of yours.)

Great thanks! Ah yes, both occasions then! :slight_smile: