Hiding Stems without Hiding Beams


I want to remove the stems from a section of notes, but keep the beaming to show/suggest the accel/rit of the figure… pictured is what I currently have, but when I hide the stem in the middle, the entire beamed figure disappears. any help would be great!

Does this work?

In Write mode select all the notes except the one whose stem you do not want to hide.
Go into Engrave mode, click on Hide stem (in the Notes and Rests section).

That’s what I’ve currently done. However, I want ALL the stems to be hidden, while keeping the beam.

My apologies.
I looked at the picture more than I read the description.

This might help, but I wasn’t able to achieve the two feathered beams joining in the middle.

  1. Enter the notes above the staff.
    Hide their stems.
    In another voice, enter some notes which sit on the middle line of the staff.
    Hide their noteheads.
    Create the fanned beams on those notes - I could not figure out a way of joining the fanned beams as in your original post.

  2. In Engrave mode, drag the fanned beams upwards until they sit on the middle line of the staff.
    Because this is also the middle of the noteheads, the stems will (probably) have zero length.

    The end result:

If you can join the fanned beams as in your original post, this might be a way of achieving the look that you want.

The hidden noteheads in the lower voice will not print. They are shown onscreen with a light shading so that they can be found easily.

If you don’t want the fanned beams to cover the middle line of the staff, you will probably/hopefully be able to move their noteheads upwards without their stems showing.

  • Figured it out - beam them all, create fanned beam, select middle note, Change fanned beam direction (in Properties).

Edit: I didn’t read the original post carefully. The following could hack could still be used but with 2 hairpins.

Another trick to try is use a hairpin to fake the beam. The line thickness, aperture , etc. can be modified via the Properties Panel in Engrave Mode.

Screenshot 2023-07-02 at 5.54.56 AM

The rallentando beam here is actually a hairpin.