Hiding Systems but showing text

Hey everyone! Another Dorico issue I’m encountering… I’m working on a large chamber oratorio work, where there are narrations throughout. I’m creating the vocal score now, and am running into an issue I used to be able to solve on Sibelius (just switched recently) and am wondering how to fix it in Dorico.

I’ve been adding text for narrations to the piece on the uppermost vocal part in the full score because it’s most relevant to the conductor and singers. However, I have different rules for hiding staves between the full score and the vocal score part. For the full score, I have all staves showing for the first system, then hiding as needed; the vocal score hides all empty staves. In the vocal score, this creates an issue where an empty staff is showing because it has a narration attached to it, typically on the first page/system. I need to save space as much as possible. In Sibelius I got around it by pasting the same narration on different staffs, setting one to only be visible in the full score, and the other as only visible in parts. Any thoughts on a workaround in Dorico? Here’s an example:

Full score view, as I want it to appear:
Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 1.32.51 PM

How it translates in the vocal score part with the extra Soprano staff I don’t want:
Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 1.34.03 PM

Thanks for the help!

Where the top staff will be hidden in the vocal score, I frequently duplicate stage directions (somewhat analogous to your narration) in the rehearsal piano part and position it manually above the top staff.

You can employ the same approach in Dorico as you do in Sibelius if you wish: paste the text onto another staff, and hide it in the full score layout using the Hide property. Alternatively, you could consider adding the text as system-attached text using Shift+Alt+X.