Hiding ties and rhythm dots (and other items with position)

I want to share the idea that some items that can’t be hidden by default via properties, may be hidden using its position. I have used this method with ties and rhythm dots. Just select the tie (engrave mode) and change its start and end horizontal position to 1000 or a similar high number and the tie will disappear out of the page (this can’t be done with vertical position (Y), as staves are moved vertically due to vertical spacing algorithm). To bring the tie or dot back, just select the note and reset position or change manually the X position to 0.
I hope you find this useful!

Thanks for the tip !

you are wellcome! :slight_smile:

Ups, I discovered that horizontal offset puts the ties out of the page but you can see them some pages later… so this method is not useful unless you can enter a big number enough to avoid any of the later pages (that is, out of the whole document, not only out of the page!).

In theory it should work as long as you carefully calculate the offset. If the tie is on a right hand page then there should be a positive number that is enough to push the item off the edge of the page, but not as far as the next page. If the tie is on a left hand page then there should be a negative number that pushes it off the left edge of the page but not onto the previous page. You need to be careful, though.

Oh, great! And yes, you have to be careful as if the bar changes from a left to a right page or viceversa, all the thing will go wrong…

I have found a solution to this: if you give an horizontal offset enough to make the tie out of the page (it doesn’t matter if it is to the right or to the left), and you also give an Y off set, also out of the page, then it does not affect the vertical spacing and it won’t be neither visible in any other page!
(it is important to enter the horizontal offset first)