Hiding time signature does not work.

When I look up how to hide a time signature, this is the page that comes up: https://steinberg.help/dorico/v1/en/dorico/topics/notation_reference/notation_reference_time_signatures_hiding_showing_t.html

While I am following these instructions exactly, the time signature does not disappear.

All I want is to hide the time signature at the beginning of a line.

Why does your interface have to be so complicated. The “signposts” menu doesn’t make sense and does not work as intended.

Seriously. All you need is a “show/hide element” shortcut.


You looking at the help for Dorico 1 not Dorico 3, but that doesn’t make any difference here.

You say you are following the instructions exactly but then mention the signposts menu, which isn’t what you want.

The properties panel in the instructions is at the bottom of the screen. Open and close it with the shortcut Ctrl-8, or click the arrow icon in the middle of the status bar at the bottom of the screen.

If something like a time signature is hidden in the score, there is a “signpost” to show you where it is, and the signposts menu just shows and hides signposts, if you want to reduce the amount of clutter displayed on the screen.

Actually, many objects (or elements) do have a “show / hide” property, which is in the “Common” properties panel, but time signatures in Dorico are not actually “elements” but properties of bar lines, and they can be a bit more complicated than just “4/4” or “6/8” - see https://steinberg.help/dorico/v3/en/dorico/topics/notation_reference/notation_reference_time_signatures_types_c.html
time signature properties panel.png