hiding tuplet brackets secondary beam

How do I hide the tuplet brackets on the 16th tuplets like it does in with the eights tuplet? - see attachment.
I wan’t to do it as preferences or at least by selecting all tuplets and then change the property.
I guess the problem is the secondary beaming…

Dorico doesn’t have a Notation Option to hide tuplet brackets where multiple groups of tuplets are beamed together. You can, of course, select the passage, Filter Tuplets, then set their Bracket property.

Frankly, in commercial editions I’ve hardly ever seen tuplet brackets in a situation like gratkowsky’s. Where I have seen them, it often betrays that the engraver used Sibelius. It’s obvious that brackets need to be shown when the tuplet is within a larger beamed group, but this example could hardly be called ambiguous, especially with the secondary beam break. It would be nice to have a setting in Notation Options/Beam Grouping which would cover this.

I agree, there should be an option for this case. I is very common. Dorico team, please try to add this in the future.