Hiding unused keys in Drum maps

Is there a way of hiding unused keys in drums maps? The problem I have is that I have set up a drum map for a particular kit that only has 5 sounds in it which are spread across the keyboard - specifically C1,D1, C2,D3 and C3 and I want to hide all the notes that are not assigned to drum sounds and group those that are together to make it easier to edit.

I’m sure there must be a simple way but I just can’t find it.

(By the way I had a look at the cubase help in the drop down menu as part of trying to solve this query - this may just be me, but it i find it very unhelpful, its similar to the Dorico one - no useful detail, or at least not easy to find)



I’m afraid, you cannot hide it. But you can use Show Drum Sounds with Events from the Drum Visibility Agent. Does it solve your problem?


Oh, I’m surprised, maybe it will be added sometime, I’m guessing it must be fairly simple to implement.

Thanks, I’ll look into that and see if it works for what I’m trying to do

Right, had a quick go and I thought I might be able to do it by putting something on the set up bar of my template - notes on all the sounds with drums. set vol to zero and run this with the other set up bars before I use the template. Doesn’t seem to work - firstly Cubase doesn’t seem to save the drum visibility setting and the setting seems to last just for the event and not for the whole track.

Thanks for the suggestion though.