Hiding VST Expression Map Articulations in Score View


Is it possible to automatically hide all the VST Expression Map Articulations/Symbols in score view so that they don’t print? I know I can go through the score hiding them one by one but that is not high on my list of attractive ways to spend a couple of hours.

I even tried de-selecting the map - but the symbols/text still appear.

Any suggestions welcome!



What a pain.

There’s no actual way. Here’s a total kludge though for text expressions. Very disgusting, and is possibly not worth the effort. :wink: find an invisible font, I found this:


Assign it to a font attribute set, and apply that to the expressions.

I didn’t try to figure out anything for note attached stuff…

(I wonder if vic_france has a hint here…)

(I cannot guarantee that this won’t also hide any non-intended events, e.g. “regular” text events… so check through your score after you’ve done this)…
Shift+double-click on the first VST Expression event… it will select them all. Then Hide. It might be quicker to do that then UnHide anything you want to keep, rather than selecting the individual VST Expression events.

Steve’s suggestion for an invisible font for text-type events is a good one though :wink:.

Thanks for the replies guys,

I did try making the font colour white, which worked OK on screen - but of course still printed out in black :cry:

Haven’t tried the invisible font, but the shift/double click/hide idea did the job perfectly.

So - thanks very much to you both! :smiley:


I just found this option today:

Score Settings/Notation Style/Miscellaneous/Hide Expression Map Symbols


Yes, new in Cubase 10.5 I think.

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