Hiding Woodblock lines

Hello, how can I hide the 2 lowest lines from a 5-line Woodblock Player?

Thank you

You will want to add three woodblock instruments to one player, then create a percussion kit from them.

thank you for your answer.
I imported an XML with a Woodblock part of three Woodblocks. For this it was not possible to change the instrument to “Woodblock” because untuned Percussion was not shown in the instrument menu.
So I added a player with Woodblock as instrument .
Now there are shown 5 lines, but I just need top three of them.
Is it possible to hide /delete two lowest ?

When I try to edit the Perf Instrument I cannot find a possibility to hide or delete the lowest lines.

If you added “Wood Blocks” (plural) you get a percussion kit with 5 wood block instruments in it. You can tell it’s a percussion kit, because its name in the player card has a green background (single instruments have a white background). See this screenshot: there’s a green “Wood Block” percussion kit of 5 woodblocks on top, then a single wood block below.

If you don’t want to show 5 lines, then you need to have only 3 instruments in the percussion kit - you can do this by deleting 2 wood blocks from the kit using the Delete button in the action bar in the Edit Percussion Kit dialog.

If you’re already familiar with this, and have already deleted 2 wood blocks from your wood block kit: what is the percussion kit presentation type for your woodblocks in the current layout? It’s possible they’re currently set to show as 5-line staff, when I think perhaps changing it to the “grid” presentation would be better suited for you?


Hello Lillie Harris, thanks a lot for the detailed answer. That worked out very well !!!

Best regards

I’m very pleased to hear that! :slight_smile: