HiDPI 3rd Party Plugins being resized.

This is what Steinberg says on the subject “3rd party plug-ins need to support HiDPI on their own, else they may appear small and/or with a truncated user interface”.

I often use a Chord Progression VST called Scaler and it is completely unusable in Cubase 10 as it gets resized. I had the possibility to use it in two other DAW’s on my PC and with both DAW’s on HiDPI. Result was Scaler worked perfectly on the other DAW’s namely Reaper and Studio One 4.1.1.

My question is quite simple if 3rd part VST’s support and work in other DAW’s using HiDPI surely this suggests it is a Cubase 10 problem and not the 3rd party VST?

Would appreciate some guidance on this as at the moment I am switching to Cubase 9.5 when I want to use Scaler which is a pain. Secondly if Steinberg are saying this is not a Cubase 10 issue then it is clearly not going to sorted on a future update.

Cubase 9.5 doesn’t support HiDPI. Cubase 10 does.

I am saying that in Cubase 10 with HiDPI selected Scaler gets resized and is unusable. However when run in two other DAWS that also have HiDPI it works perfectly.

Not sure what your point is?

I misread your post, sorry- going to fast :blush:

Have you read this? https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360001589520-Cubase-10-HiDPI-support-on-Windows-10

Hi Steve , several times and I quoted from it in my first post. Something is wrong here as I have just downloaded Ableton Live 10 Trial version which also has HiDPI and Scaler works perfectly proving to me once again that this is a Cubase 10 issue and not the plugin manufacturer. Please accept I am in no way comparing these other DAWS in which is better or worse but I am saying that they appear to have resolved scaling issues on 3rd party plugins that Cubase 10 clearly hasn’t.

Ableton even goes one further by saying that if you do have a scaling issue you can disable scaling:-

Auto Scale Plug-in Window
Certain HiDPI plug-ins may require you to manually disable scaling (via the context menu) in order to use them on HiDPI screens.


Hey Gerry, quick fyi, I’m just a long-time user, and not tech-support personnel.

Not sure if you have tried other 3rd party plugins, but If other plugins do display properly, and you have your display scaling set to one on the list in the article- 125, 150, 175, or 200, and it doesn’t work, I would open a support ticket.

Maybe someone else using Scaler in a HiDPI environment will weigh in, but I haven’t seen other reports of this on the forum…

edit: I loaded Scaler up in my Cubase Elements 10 installation on my 3840×2160 laptop. Scaling worked as described by SB for the plugin. I did have to drag the resize corner of the plugin when it opened, but that was the only odd thing.

Hi Steve I appreciate the input. My screen resolution is 2560 X 1440 and I run it at 125% as at 100% I can hardly read it LOL. Now at 100% Scaler works perfectly but not at 125%. By the way there is no resize corner at 125% showing See Below.

Bottom line is that at 125% resolution Studio One 4.1.1, Live 10 and the latest Reaper all running HiDPI have no problems at all. Now either my computer has an allergy to Cubase 10 or I am quietly going nuts. LOL

As to SB Support I am afraid that having recently opened a support ticket on another issue and getting no where so I am a little reluctant to open another one.

I was hoping that someone could explain in simple terms why it works on other HiDPI DAW’s and not Cubase 10.

Oh and lastly if I am the only one with this problem clearly nothing is going to happen apart from me jumping ship and after being a Cubase user for many years I am reluctant to do so.

Could it be a VST3 vs VST2 thing ?

At 125% Cubase tries to scale the GUI to 100%, not 125, so maybe there’s a conflict with how the plugin gui does it since the plugin gui gets cropped to the %, instead of being scaled, and is cut off on the right and bottom. (when I tried it out here)

But let me ask you- it sounds like you want the entire interface- Cubase, plugins, Windows explorer etc… to be scaled to 125%, is that correct? If so, it would seem that if you turn off HiDPI in Cubase and that’s what will happen, but the cubase gui will be blurry, unfortunately.

My display is 30 inches at 2560x1600, I tried doing the above, and things were scaled globally.

Have you asked the plugin author?

No I do not think so peakae I am convinced its a CB10 thing.

Hi Steve,

I am quite happy that CB10 is scaled at 100% but the fact that my PC is scaled to 125% means I have the scaling issue with certain 3rd Party Plugins. Solution is to set my PC to 100% and then use CB10 when I have finished and closed CB10 revert back to 125%. Now that is the only solution that works at the moment but I think we can all agree it is not an ideal one.

Yes I have contacted the plugin author and they say they have spent a lot of time on scaling with HiDPI and are surprised at the problem and have not come back with a solution. I am not surprised as it works on all other DAW’s except CB10 although they clearly are not going to say it is a CB10 issue and not theirs.

Just to show what we are talking about on Windows 10:

Here is CB10 with my PC set to 100%:

Note how small the lettering is on the top menu.

Now here it is with my PC set to 125%:

Notice the top menu is larger and easier to read. In a word CB10 stays at 100% in both cases with the exception of the top menu.

Having established no problem in Presonus Studio One, Reaper and Ableton Live all having HiDPI I come back to saying the problem is a Steinberg one.

Ableton Live 10 also allows you to scale the GUI between 100 and 200% and the plugins work perfectly. Here it is at 125% and with my PC also at 125%:

Now in the past I always had a problem with Live and its GUI but now it is way ahead. I honestly love Cubase and honestly do not want to change as it is a major hassle and for me at my age a major learning curve. What does annoy me is that Steinberg release a major update that introduces new bugs when other DAW manufacturers appear to have introduced HiDPI compatibility without affecting 3rd Part Plugins at all. In doing so they also suggest it is the fault of the 3rd Part Plugin manufacturer whose plugin is not prepared for working in an HiDPI Daw. If that was the case it would not work in other HiDPI ready DAW’s and my point is that it does.

Lastly I would like someone related to or from Steinberg to accept it is their problem and it will be addressed in a future update. To the contrary I will have to make my own decisions.

Just turn the HiDPI setting off in Cubase and you’re set.

Arne thanks for the suggestion but it looks as fuzzy and dull as hell without HiPDI. I am at the moment running at 100% which means I have to get close to read the small print LOL but at least 3rd party plugins work as they are supposed to.

Arne, is this going to be fixed?
I think that suggesting to turn off a very promoted reason to upgrade to cubase 10 is not a good strategy.

Even more if another DAWs can handle hdpi and plugins without issues.

The Hidpi feature was only advertised as limited for windows 10 and seems to be just at 100% or 200%
At 125% it should look just like it does at 100% apart from the top windows bit.


Hippo of course it looks the same but that isn’t the issue, some 3rd party plugins get resized when your screen/monitor is set to a resolution higher than 100%. In my case 125%. The Steinberg reason for this is that some third party plugins are not suitable for HiDPI settings. Now this simply is not true as the plugins that I am having trouble with work perfectly in other well known Daws that also have HiDPI.

What I am saying is that Steinberg introduced the problem when they introduced HiDPI. Just download a free trial of Ableton Life 10 and see how that handles DiPDI and does not have a problem running 3rd party plugins, different resolutions and even with the option to zoom the resolution of Live anywhere between 100% and 200%.

Lastly no I am not a fan of Live or any other DAW I am just miffed that Steinberg cannot sort this problem out as it shouldn’t be too difficult considering that they introduced it.

So far I seem to be lucky
All my third partystuff stays at 100% in Cubase when windows is set to 125%
I also have Komplete 10 Ultimate and all of those have been ok so far
This is on a QHD display 2560 x 1440


I asked the OP if he had made a report to the VST developer…

Me to on Komplete Ultimate, Izotope etc the problem is VST Scaler1.6.1 which resizes when my PC is at 125%.

Hippo could you do me favour and download the Scaler free trial and see if you have a problem with your PC at 125%. Because if you don’t then it isn’t a Steinberg problem and I will eat humble pie LOL Here is the link to the free trial.Buy Plugin Boutique VST Plugins, Plugin Boutique Instruments and

Oh and I do not work for or have any interests with Scaler just find a very handy too for composing.