HiDPI 3rd Party Plugins being resized.

It was reported to the VST Developer and they are as miffed as I am because they put a lot of work into scaling. In a word they cannot find a problem. They clearly will not say or suggest it is a Steinberg issue but after I ran their VST on 4 different HiDPI DAW’s and it worked perfectly I am.

If a VST does not size correctly only on one DAW but works perfectly on all others what would it suggest to you? Mind you Steve perhaps you could try the free trial of Scaler and run your PC at 125% and see if you have a problem. At least that way we can establish where the problem lies because if you and Hippo do not have an issue then its an issue peculiar to my PC. I have no interests with Scaler and here is a link if you wouldn’t mind trying it. Buy Plugin Boutique VST Plugins, Plugin Boutique Instruments and

Bad good news I’m afraid
I down loaded the demo version of scaler and it scales perfectly at 100% in Cubase when Windows 10 set to 125%

No idea what to suggest


I did that and reported back on Jan 26, see below


OK Hippo maybe a complete uninstall and install might work I will give it a try and thanks for the help.

Sorry Steve , old age my friend old age. As I said to Hippo I will try a clean reinstall tomorrow. Thanks for all the help. Much appreciated.


Hi, thanks for your posts on this. I’ve been struggling with these same issues. On one of the help pages, the company says,

“HiDPI disabled: Menu entries can be just white (no font) until moving the mouse over the entries. Workaround: Move menu to other screen.”

What does this even mean? Am I supposed to add a second screen? I don’t want or need a second monitor. Garry, I know you’re posting mostly about size, but this screen issue is just part of the total mess this version is. It’s incumbent on Steinberg to Correct This Mess and not try to fob it off on other manufacturers.

I started with Pro 8; loved it. Moved to 9.5 and Cubase was getting better. I Installed Version 10 and I’m more or less horrified and disappointed. I’m not sure what I even paid for? So much is broken, including the screen font sizes and GUIs of our Instruments and Plug-Ins. No side-chain button on the rack (seriously?) Death of the Right-Click Power User Menu, the transport bar ribbon with reduced functionality replaces the cool, tight, pro-looking transport bar, white menus all over the place…and so on.

I’ll try to adjust my settings a bit more, but this version (Pro 10) is a real disappointment. I hate saying that, but that’s how it feels. I’m glad you took the time to post in detail about this. It helped. (Very nice music, btw, and Scaler is great, I haven’t been using lately and didn’t notice it has GUI issues. :blush: )

As far as learning another DAW, this is certainly motivation to look at that. Pro Tools being the obvious choice. I think I could transfer whatever I know (however little) about production and mixing from Cubase to Pro Tools in a matter of weeks of hard work. It’s all the same stuff with some different buttons, and some different nomenclature, but that’s all. I’m good with that.

Anyway, again, thanks for your posts and thanks to all who commented in this thread. I’m not happy, but at least I understand better what’s going on – and what isn’t.

Best Regards,


Please allow this topic to stay on track. To wit: a VST plugin doesn’t scale properly– instead of scaling, its GUI gets cropped.

The workaround proposed, turning off HiDPI, results in the sizing being correct, but the whole interface being a bit blurry, as would be the case without the so-called HiDPI implementation.

@Stephen57, could you please post a new topic for your issues?

Yes, sorry to go so far off topic. I’ll look into the HiDPI settings. I acknowledge that my system needs a better video I/O card. I’ll post some more on the various issues and perhaps something of a more general nature for the lounge. :slight_smile: Thanks, Steve.

I have found that if I close and reopen the plugin it get “uncropped”, but haven´t tested it consistenly

Just tried that Pablo and I am afraid it doesn’t work for me. Scaler remains cropped. My only solution is to keep my PC at a resolution of 100% and sit closer to the screen to read it LOL. A visit to the opticians is now on the cards. :open_mouth: :nerd:

Hey !

Somehow had the same cropped gui problems with fabfilter plugins and arturia when hidpi is enabled in C10 and scaling in windows is set to 200%.
What i´ve done to make it work on my system is:

  • right click cubase 10 icon
  • go to preferences
  • compatibility tab
  • tick both boxes in this this tab plus change the lower dropdown menu to “application”.
  • restart cubase 10 with hidpi enabled

    I have two monitors, one UHD and one with HD, so this workaround works for me without any problems even on different screen resolutions,
    anyway some plugins like waves are very small, but i can live with that.

Hope this helps !

Best Michael

Thanks Michael unfortunately it did not work for me and Scaler 1.6.1 remained clipped at 125% screen resolution. Back to 100% and just had my eyes tested and some new glasses are on the way LOL