HiDPI 4k on Windows makes VSTs Unusable

Other DAWs can scale older VSTS even if they aren’t optimal. Bitwig does it best, so it can be done! I must work in 4K and I cannot stand the blurry antique text if I turn off HiDpi. Fix this for us Windows users please or I have to go back to Ableton/Bitwig which would be terrible :angry: !

Here is an example of how unusable this is!

Waves, Arturia, Korg, even Native Instruments flagship products are cut off and do not display properly and are unusable.

I found a 3rd party solution JBRIDGE.

But PLEASE Steinberg, EVERY OTHER DAW can have HiDPI and scale VSTs properly!

Ableton, FL Studio (has multiple options for making plugins render external) and ESPECIALLY BitWig all have solved this.

Bitwig has some DPI Awareness option that makes everything work flawlessly for me. Ableton is great now too, FL studio requires some manual settings but has the option to change the plugin scaling too.

Using Jbridge as a 3rd party workaround is not acceptable.



Here is a picture of:


VSTS all malfunctioning in HiDPI… all other modern DAWs do not have this problem (Ableton,FL Studio, Bitwig to name a few).

These are some of the most used plugins, making my DAW unusable. I have to use 4K to develop games and VR, soon it’ll be 8k!

Please fix!