HiDPI: Add an option to enable scaling for legacy plugins

Currently HiDPI is unusable for me. I am running Win10 with 200% scaling on a 27" screen. The UI looks good, but most (3rd party) plugins are unusable, because they appear too small!

Not sure if it’s possible to detect if a plugin supports HiDPI, but it would be logical to scale the plugin, if it does not!

Or at least add some sort of experimental option to force scaling plugins that do not support HiDPI.


Definitely! I’m aware it’s the VST devs who don’t follow the rules here, but it’s impossible to convince hundreds of them - incl. such heavyweights like NI, Waves, Soundtoys, etc. - to update their plugins. Instead, other DAWs like Bitwig, Live, Studio One and even Reason handle this themselves, by scaling plugins that don’t support high-DPI.

Please fix this!


To be honest NI stuff scaling not working in Studio One (already tested). Numerous GUI issues in Kontakt 5, FM8, etc.
Same with Waves - dynamic GUI areas such as meterbridges or signal indicators - it’s not updating GUI in scaling mode.
Same with UAD plugins.

It’s all about my Windows 10 machine. On my Macbook Pro Retina everything looks readable. But still blurry fonts and pics even there.

Seems like all developers (especially that big) have to realize HiDPI (Retina) scaling is must have in 2019.


It’s true that certain plugs don’t scale correctly in Studio One, but they at least have an option to resize (allbeit blurrily) back to the correct size so it’s usable… I can’t imagine this would be too difficult to implement into Cubase.


This problem is one of Steinberg’s very troublesome problems
My screen is for 4k, and when I run Studio One, it works with me smoothly, on any screens, and even waves plugins , studio rack and Native instrument (Kontakt).

I cannot operate it properly and clearly in Cubase, even though Studio One with one press of a button I can fix it, knowing that Studio One sometimes without any thing works automatically.
When will Steinberg prolong this topic? I participated in this forum to share this topic with you. I found many talking about it. I sent a lot of emails to Steinberg a lot about many problems and they not responses.

I know that some other plugins companies bear part of the problem, but since they are working well in Studio One, Steinberg has no excuse for not supporting the screens.
It is not logical to add it in the next update 11 and we buy this update because finally this is not an additional feature this is a basic problem …

Studio one options to rescale the plugins only
DPI Scaling.png

Studio one vs cubase

Please Steinberg :slight_smile:

I’ve tried a lot of DAWs lately to see how they handle HiDPI on Windows in comparison.

Bitwig seems to be the best at this. Bitwig>Ableton>FL Studio>Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo. All the DAWs but Steinberg are usable with old plugins and Bitwig/FL Studio have options for scaling.

So please Steinberg look at how Bitwig implemented their scaling/mutli monitor support on Windows as the benchmark. Ableton is a close second but does not offer any options, it just handles it properly most of the time.

Also I noticed strange behavior in Steinberg DAWs if you open the plugin on a different monitor and drag it, sometimes better sometimes worse. It is really frustrating. If I open NI on the 4k montior and drag it to the 1080p it looks fine. But if I open it on the 1080p and drag it to the 4K it is cut off! :blush: :imp:

My screens are unusable w non-scalable plugins until this is fixed. I am using a 27" 4k, 24" touchscreen 1080p and 55" OLED 4K and trying Cubase vs Nuendo for game music composition. If this isn’t fixed soon I am going to have to downgrade to all 1080p monitors, but then I cannot work on 4K videos and game materials! This is 2020, we are going to 8k soon!

Just a few brands of plugins that do not work in Steinberg:

Native Instruments
Addictive Drums
XLN Audio
to name a few that I’ve tested, and some of the ones that do scale correctly have issues with the menus showing up on wrong monitor if you move it from one monitor to another

Some brands that DO work:
Madrona Labs

HiDpi bug photos

Two Monitor menu bug

Please open up a beta test of this so we can help if necessary!


Have you tried this?

The upscale method works with Native Instruments and Waves plugins for me, but the plugins are very small. But, it works.

Yes, it does work and opens it the correct size with the Jbridger - although I cannot properly use MIDI integration controls with my controller or VST Quick Controls. And there are just too many Waves plugins I need to bother with the extra window it must also open for each plugin. It becomes too “messy”.

I guess I have to use non-HiDPI until this is fixed, but then I go crazy looking at the blurry text! :blush: :imp:

Hopefully Steinberg fixes this soon as I am about to upgrade to 8K this year!

Also noticed the video player doesnt work in HiDPI, it cuts off the video… making HiDPI completely unusable:

HBO logo cutoff video in HiDPI:




I bought a 43" display to replace dual 24" displays. USELESS without HiDPI.