HiDPI enabled in preferences causes interface alignment issues on standard HD display



running 1920x1080 100% scaling here.
Fix was to disable hiDPi in preferences.

This is surely expected behaviour. A 1080p display is not a high pixel density display. https://www.eizoglobal.com/library/basics/pixel_density_4k/
I’m not an expert on monitors but using a 4k monitor has 4 times the pixels to display the same image at the same physical size, which makes it sharper etc. so HiDPI mode is not going to provide any benefit on a 1080p monitor. That’s my understanding anyway.

I’d say so, I never enabled it, its set by default.

But I’m not sure its 100% fixed the issue, but it has definitely improved the behaviour.
I have the feeling that there is some UI alignment issue somewhere, maybe just HD displays?