HiDpi looks great but...

The new HiDpi is working great for me so far. The only problem is that the Steinberg plugins are tiny now. I use a 14" laptop screen so things get small quickly. My Arturia plugs scale up nicely and look great. But Halion and Retrologue are too small to use.

Hi JackJackdaw

I suggest you try out this useful feature. Some plugins might behave oddly at first, including unpleasant audio glitches. I suggest you turn off your speaker and take the time to try this option for every plugin that is not DPI-Aware yet (option will only appear if they aren’t). This is a checklist you will only have to do once and for all. If one plugin happens to not properly behave it’s worth informing the technical support of the corresponding manufacturer.

Let me know if this improved the situation!