HIDPI Mac Question

In the manual it states: “On macOS, you can disable HiDPI support in the Cubase application folder by invoking Get Info and checking Open in Low Resolution.” I don’t wish to disable it, if it’s already activated, but the problem is I can’t see where to do anything about it in the place described (see attached image). I did a search, but everything seems to be about Windows 10. Perhaps someone can point out where this setting is located?

I’ve never heard of a checkbox like that on OS X, but I’m still on Sierra. But I think if you want to use cubase non hidpi just change the display resolution to a non hidpi resolution while using cubase, in system preferences. I don’t think it’s possible to make one app low resolution inside a hidpi desktop. If so it would probably be super huge and unusable in a different way

Thanks for your kind reply and thoughts on the subject. I am indeed working with a 4K monitor connected via DP and at high resolution, so no problems there. But I was just curious regarding what it says in the C10 manual. There used to be a checkbox for booting in 32 bit or 64 bit in earlier versions of the Mac O/S and Cubase, but that disappeared a long time ago. Maybe that statement in the manual is left over from a previous manual and no longer valid?? I do know the option does exist in Preferences/General in Windows 10 and that’s what made me wonder where it is on a Mac. Cheers.

There is indeed an option like that in High Sierra, at least for Logic Pro X

I do not have Cubase installed on that machine as I run Cubase on Windows.

interesting. Its not on sierra. what happens when you use low resolution mode?

You need a HiDPI capable monitor to see this option in the Finder.

I am using an HiDPI monitor, in HiDPI mode. I do not see that option in the finder in Sierra. Must have been added to High Sierra?

I am curious what the effect would be though. I mean if you run an app in low resolution mode, while the rest of the desktop is using HiDPI, then what happens? I would guess the app would be 4x the size or something. Just curious.

ok scratch what I said earlier. I was looking in the wrong place. I do see the low resolution checkbox for Logic Pro now, under Sierra. I tried it. It does NOT make anything bigger, but it does make Logic look very low resolution. I can’t think of any good reason to use that option as Logic looks great in hiDPI.