HiDPI Survey / We need your help!

Ok, so I am Nuendo 10 user, but I think the problem might be the same in Cubase.
I have scaling issues with HiDPI.

My main screen is 24", 1920x1200, windows 100% scale.
My secondary screen is 50" 4K TV, with default 200% windows scaling.

No option is really working for me:


  • HiDPI turned off
  • my standard windows scaling set as above (100% on main, 200% on secondary)
  • secondary screen (50" 4K TV) is used as video preview

What happens? When the secondary screen is used, GUI on the main screen fails to work: menus don’t work, toolbox sometimes fails to works properly (example: can’t choose color for track/whatever). To have it functional, I have set a special Workspace with no secondary screen used.
But that’s a pain in the ass to change it every now and then, and usually the timeline viewing settings vary between before and after changing the workspace.


  • HiDPI turned ON
  • my standard windows scaling set as above (100% on main, 200% on secondary)
  • secondary screen (50" 4K TV) is used as video preview

What happens? Well, the GUI issues are no more - everything works smoothly. But the video is ZOOMED, because my secondary screen has windows 300% scaling.
So whenever I want to work with HiDPI enabled, I have to change my windows scaling on secondary screen to 200%, to avoid the video being zoomed.

Currently I prefer to pick the second option, as it is less inconvenient than jumping between Workspaces.

However, I would suggest adding ZOOM/SCALE option to video preview RPM settings (plus add them to fullscreen mode of video), as currently the only thing you can change is the window size and aspect ratio.
Then I could keep my standard, default windows scaling and have everything up and running in Nuendo/Cubase.

Is completing HiDPI support the reason 10.50.10 hasn’t made it’s way into the wild yet? We’re quickly approaching February which is when the second maintenance release is usually released. Meanwhile, we haven’t even seen the first yet.

If getting HiDPI right is the hold-up, I don’t think people would necessarily mind but some communication would be appreciated at this point (similar to the communications around the ARA2 delays).

With Nvidia settings you can adjust scaling for Cubase, its not solve issue at all, but can be as temporary solution

I put my signature under each word spelled here! Me personally, use powerful 15 inch laptop with FHD screen under 125% scalling and see no reason to buy 4k expensive monitors. I purchased Studio One on Splice in rent-to-own, and it scalled to my monitor automatically without any graphic issues!


I talked to Yamaha tech support here in Moscow / Russia, and they said that Cubase’s interface is hand-drawn old interface, in other hand Studio One’s is vector based interface - for this reason Cubase has so many glitches and bugs in it’s interface.

There are more reasons than hiDPI to upgrade to 10.5.

With my 62 year old eyes, I just went with 40" 4k TV. Not perfect, but pretty danged good. Less than $300 USD and sharp as a pin.

Do you mean scaling only for specific application? How?
You think I can choose scaling PER application PER screen there?

Because I like my 200% overall, it just doesn’t work well with video player that Cubase/Nunendo uses.

I found this Method here: https://www.reddit.com/r/cubase/comments/bvqm7g/windows_nvidia_screen_resolution_hack_for_cubase/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

Just completed the survey. Trying convey how important proper 4K/Hi-DPI is for my workflow. Without the ability to scale VST plugins Cubase 10.5 is basically unusable for me.

Thanks for the tips, but that method seems to be only for those without an HDPI monitor wanting a pseudo higher resolution :wink:
I tried the jBridge method for the plugs, it works but it was unfortunately too frustrating to use…

Cubase itself is decent enough with 200% scaling on my 4K Monitor, but like you say it’s the plugin scaling that makes it unusable

Yes, precisely. Having to choose between blurry text and squinting at a tiny VST UI is headache inducing. I’ve been using Cubase since SX3, but can’t justify swapping between DAWs for sequencing and using plugins, so until this is resolved I’m learning StudioOne which has this fixed already.

All Steinberg has to do here is add an option for the plugin windows to scale 100/200/300%. Yes it would be great if plugin developers fixed 4k support themselves, but this is totally within Steinberg’s power to fix immediately.