hierarchy when Propagating Properties

hello, is there a hierarchy when Propagating Properties - between score and part layouts?
In other words, if I have a Complete Score Layout and other Custom Score besides Part Layouts, will Propagating work only between Scores and Parts vice versa - or is it a ‘one for all’ procedure?
If I propagate from the ‘Master Score’ will it end up in Part Layouts only or also in Custom Score Layouts?

I’m almost certain that the properties are propagated to all layouts where the object is present, regardless of the layout type. Can’t test it now though because I’m not in front of Dorico.

Florian’s right: there’s no hierarchy. The properties of the current layout are propagated to all other layouts in which the item appears.

hmm, I wonder…
I have a master score, where I have shortened the stems via the property panel by -3 1/8 - so they become invisble and that way giving me stemless notes.
But: if I propagate these properties they do not reflect in a custom score layout I have set up.

Did you propagate from Engrave mode…?

Just to make sure you’re aware of it, there is a new “no stem” property.

hmm, adjusting the stem length is not applying a property, even if it lives in that panel…
That is a bit confusing. Can only properties with on/off values be propagated?


No, all sorts of properties should propagate. Anything I modified in the property panel always propagates as expected.

Did you perhaps create the custom score after you propagated? If so, those properties would need to be propagated again, since they only apply to existing scores.

It works fine here, whether I use the “Stem adj.” or flick the “Hide stem” switch.

:open_mouth: pianoleo, there is a switch to hide the stems?
I must have been blind, thank you for pointing this out

Dan I will check again, so far these properties did not transfer.
Will keep you informed.

Credit where credit is due: Marc pointed this out a few hours ago!

Perhaps this? https://youtu.be/sjnbqprXChU

Go to time 1:01. Apparently if you change a property that can only be changed in engrave mode, you have to be in engrave mode to propagate that property.

I’m not sure I understand why it would be best to bifurcate the propagation of properties based on mode, but that’s how it works currently.