Higgs Boson


Guess what it sounds like?

When I was figuring out how MIDI worked on Cubase Atari I had my Ensoniq ASR10 hooked up and loaded with semi-orchestral sounds over 8 instruments, saved in a bank on floppy ready to be loaded whenever I needed it. So I was kind of used to use that bank while trying stuff out. All I had to do was paint in some notes in the Key Editor. Some high notes, some low notes, copy to another MIDI Track etc just random stuff to have something better than silence to check with.

Reminds me very much of the Higgs Boson music :laughing:

That’s silly. Why attempt to depict the Higgs Boson in musical terms? I’d rather they had translated it into a delicious cake recipe … preferably low calorie. :wink:

Low calorie? Do you think something responsible of existence of mass could be low calorie? :smiling_imp:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I just want to have my cake and eat it too … and not a Heisenberg Uncertainty Cake. :wink:

Like a Jaffa cake, it can be a cake or a biscuit depending on whether your a tax man or not :mrgreen:

Higgs Bosun - sailing with the ship of fools. (Random train of thought). :unamused:

Reminds me of Jennifer Higg’s bosom.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

So the Earth IS now at the centre of the universe?
And is it flat? Or sharp?

lol, I love you guys :laughing:

Oh wait. I thought you said Hogs Bison.

Better than this type of cake…


I believe he is looking at one of the very special
‘porcelain elliptical monitors’ of the LHC at Cern.

Or he’s talking on the ‘Big White Telephone’.