High and loud [raw mix]

Hello fellow musicians!

remixed one of my look at the world songs, I wasn’t satisfied with the previous version so I removed the lead synth and brought another part into it and also radically changed the beat. As always the vocals must be rerecorded. The chorus will be sung by a female. I hope to do this coming two weeks.
Meanwhile I throw this one in the community to hear your comments.


Made with Cubase 5

drums EZX electronics (toontrack) and samples from triton Korg through groove agent.
bas Korg MS20 and Poly six from Korg analogue edition (VST)
Synths Korg MonoPoly analogue edition (VST)
Additional plug ins Tone2 Filterbank UAD (cambridge EQ, Pultec EQ, precision limiter, realverb pro)

I start downmixing all songs coming weeks so any tips are highly welcome.

Greetz Dylan.

Excellent so far Dylan :sunglasses:

First mix sounds cool. Once you get ya spit and polish on it, I think it will be good to go! :sunglasses:

the parts and the concept work great. will be watching for the progression.
is there enough bottom kick for the up part
lookin forward to hearing the female vox added in