High ASIO load and mouse lag when using UR44C over USB-C

I’m trying to use a UR44C with a Dell Precision 7530 via a USB-C connection and the ASIO performance is terrible, much worse than the onboard audio. Plus, whenever the UR44C is connected I get a bunch of mouse lag and cursor freezes. Clearly there’s something wrong with a driver somewhere but I’ve installed the latest versions of everything I can find and nothing seems to work.

One thing I did notice is that the Yamaha driver control always shows that the connection is USB 2.0. I can select USB 3.0 and hit “OK” or “Apply” or whatever and the control settings dialog goes away. Then when I load it up again it’s back on USB 2.0. In the Windows devices info it says “This device will perform better with a USB 3.0 connection” or something like that.

Has anybody run into this problem and found a fix? As of right now the UR44C is competely unusable on my laptop.




I have similar problem with UR24C (mouse lag and cursor freeze, and also a little stops on music/sounds). In the Yamaha driver control the conenction is ok on USB 3.0. The Yamaha driver control shows the message " Audio interruption due to USB error is detected. Refer to the troubleshooting in the operation manual".

The standard of the USB connection in the PC is USB 3.2 Gen 2. Is this standard included in the new driver version?