High Audio-Processing and Cubase chokes

Just recently I’ve been experiencing extremely high audio processing levels and regular overloads (audio dropouts). I haven’t changed anything in a long time.
CPU Overload

I usually run at 40% to 50% when I’m running everything I’ve got.

I look at the Task Manager and it seems to be the worst when PACE Licensing Service is active but it’s only using 0.1% of CPU.

What would cause this type of spike in processing - even when nothing is playing? The top screenshot is with Cubase playback stopped.

I’m not using any new plugins.

Looking for possible explanations… I found that there is one instance of MixConvert V6 running but I cannot locate it.
MixConvert V6
Is it used by some other component?
Any way to locate things like this?

Now I’m wondering what the Audio Performance meter measures… If it is Cubase’s audio performance, why does the meter max out when nothing is playing?
And why wouldn’t it read the same for each pass through a given section of the project?


Can you put the performance meter and task manager side by side to see what’s going on when the meter ramps up ? I’m quite sure this isn’t Cubase related.

Here it is… seemed inconclusive to me.

Windows 10 is a pig.
Unrelated: Did an update the other day and it turned X-Box crap back on… They want to control everything you do.

That’s weird your task manager is super clean though !

Maybe some plugins that fetch updates on a regular basis ? I don’t know what to say. Try removing the Defaults.xml file, and resetting Control Room (disconnect outputs, disable and enable again, then select outputs). Control Room is known to cause a bug similar to this but it always was explained by text, we have no videos showing it.

Thank you. I’ll take a look at that…

No change…
I’ll get into another project this week. If it continues, I’ll keep fighting with it. But maybe there’s something in the project…