High CPU load on win 8

I am trying to set up my new laptop with Cubase 7.06. The Laptop is an Asus g750 with an Intel i7 4700HQ 2,4 ghz, 8GB Ram, Nvidia GTX 770M Graphics. The problem is high cpu load with both short term and average meter on the Cubase VST performance meter spiking to the top resulting in pops and crackles. The same time the performance monitor in Windows 8 shows an overall CPU usage of 9-10% with an even load on all 4 cores
This happens running a pretty clean Project with only one instance of Halion5 going .
CPU load on my old system is about 10-15% in the Windows monitor and only slightly higher in the Cubase VST performance monitor running the same project. (My 6 year old pc)

Tried so far;
Updated to Win 8,1
Tried two different USB soundcards
Tried the generic ASIO driver

with no difference…

Anyone experienced similar problems?

For the 999,999,999th time, the meter in Cubase in an ASIO meter not CPU.

Is ASIO guard enabled? What specific ASIO driver are you using?

See the sticky re: W 8.1? I know you tried both 8 and 8.1, just pointing it out.

I don’t know if it applies to you, but laptop generally comes with pretty crappy drives, at least for audio.

Did you try a simple VA sound in HALion? (Meaning, no samples used.)
Does Retrologue give you the same problem?

was it a clean installation or an upgrade of Windows 7?

Tried two different USB soundcards

do the drivers support MMCSS?

Hi there,

we are still testing Win 8.1 and so far we do not support it:



  • use High Performance energy profile (set CPU to 100%)

  • activate Multi- Core option in HALion 5 and the OSC eco mode

  • try to deactivate ASIO Guard in Cubase 7



Well. After some more research its obvious that this is a asio problem and not a Cubase problem. The same thing happens in other programs using asio drivers. (Standalone Halion5 and Cantabile performer) The performance in Cubase improves slightly when activating asio guard and windows power scheme, but never comes close to my old systems. I have tried the Rme babyface and a Phonic usb card with the newest drivers. also tried the generic asio drivers in windows and every configuration has significantly worse vst performance than my 6 year old pc and medieval laptop.?

The os installation was a clean win 8 that was upgraded to win 8,1. The os is installed on a 256GB SSD No difference in vst performance. I guess i have some long nights ahead…uh!