High CPU on idle

Hi guys,
does anyone else experience this? Open my project which uses a bunch of (only) Vienna Synchron Players and the CPU for the VSTAudioEngine is already at ~50%? Even before i hit the first time the Play button.

what i tried so far:

  • updated dorico/Vienna player and every driver to the latest version
  • blocked all other plugins
  • deleted the VST cache
  • restarted the PC / Dorico

As long as a small number of instruments plays, the playback is ok, but in tutti passages it cracks the whole time. Hadn’t had this problem a couple of months ago. My system should be powerful enough:
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor 3.59 GHz
RAM 32,0 GB

Thank you for any advice

I suspect it’s the Vienna Synchron Player that is responsible for the high CPU usage. Do the good people at VSL have any advice about how to minimise the CPU utilisation of the players?

Thanks Daniel, i found a thread in the vsl forum where users are indeed complaining about high cpu consumption after the switch from elicencer to iLok, which i did a couple of weeks ago, too. Could be the reason. They are still waiting for a response of VSL.

I know only a tiny bit about how iLok works, but the fact that it is continuously polling either the dongle or the network (if your internet connection goes down even for a minute or so while you’re using the iLok Cloud service, your plug-in will stop working), certainly seems like it could have an impact on the overall performance of the plug-in.

You could also check if somehow ASIOGuard is disabled… :wink: