High CPU Orchestra Template Cubase 9.5/VEPro 6

(My fully operational demo of) Cubase 9.5.20 with VEPro 6 use a lot of CPU for my orchestra template, even when doing nothing.
Multiprocessing, Asio guard are off, for each VEPro plugin the Asio is deactivated.In VEPro I have the optimal settings.
I’m thinking about moving from Logic to Cubase for the various known reasons,
but the same orchestra template uses very little CPU with Logic Pro 10.3.3/VEPro 6.
With a i/o buffer of 256 Logic with VEPro are magic, a lot is possible there,recording multiple legatos together without a problem,and replaying them and recording another bunch of them,perfect.
But with Cubase 9.5.20 it’s a disaster, only with 1024 it’s do-able there.That’s no option for midi keyboard input…
Anyone having the same issue?Anyone having a solution? Is it 9.5.20 related?

Anyone has a suggestion ?

Lately I’ve been having a similar problem. CPU is slammed until I disable all VEP event inputs used in Cubase. Was fine about a month ago, no changes.

VEP isn’t even opened- no memory usage, same VEP version but in Cubase 9.5.0

Maybe Windows update related?

Having the exact same problem since going from 8.5 to 9.5 last month. Open my old orchestral template which was running fine in 8.5 alongside VEP5. Now when i open it in 9.5 CPU jumps from 5% or so (VEP running on its own) to 70/80pc just opening Cubase, not playing the project. Disabling all inserts equates to maybe 2/3%. This is at 512 Buffer on Saffire Pro with Cubase Asio Guard set to Normal.

Yep, me too. Its so anoing to change the buffer size everytime to 2048samples after recording something just to make shure that the fans of my main machine stay calm. ^^

Really no suggestions? :confused:

Is there a fix yet?
I have this problem on my Windows 10 computer since I have reinstalled Cubase 8.0.40 a few weeks ago I believe. I am running Cubase with a big VE Pro 6 template, but the problem also exist when I just open an empty project, add an audio channel and add a few plugins as insert effects to it.
My template just uses 10-20% CPU (without any insert effects). As soon as I add a few insert effects it sky-rockets. I never had any CPU problems with insert effects before.
Hope you have a fix anytime soon, because right now I have to disable most insert effects on my template to make it playable.