High CPU Temp?

Hi, I’ve just updated to the latest 1.0.31 version on PC after hoping some of the many issues will have been fixed.

Very dissapointing. Hung on loading, CPU spiked up to only 25%, but the temp went from it’s normal water cooled 39C to almost 75C!

As soon as I quit the app using task manager, the temp immediately dropped. Not sure whats going on, but it surely shouldn’t be using so much CPU that the temp spikes to almost double? Maybe something to do with the 10GB the process was using?

Mine shows 0.1% and < 300 MB with an empty project (default Halion SE loaded, UR22C interface). So what do you load to get it to those levels?

Did you read my post? This was trying to start the application, I was doing nothing as it was still loading.

Probably, some 273 other posts ago. Sorry for missing “on loading”.
As it locks during startup and consumes much CPU and memory while beeing locked, this indicates a process running in a vicous loop, consuming resources. My first bet would be to disable plugins and see if VST Live starts up, then disable VST2 plugins if any and if it runs, iterate disabling other plugs until you find the culprit. Unfortunately, we cannot debug your process.

It’s not my vsts. Every single other daw/audio program scans them fine.

So that’s.

Ableton live
Gig performer

I don’t want you to debug my process. Please don’t patronise me. I just want the software I paid for to work

Me too. I don’t wnat to patronise you, and don’t see the slightes reason why you should think so, just trying to help. We do beleive you, but need to find out what the culprit is.
We will release a new version soon which fixes some vst2 related issues, maybe that helps. Other than that the suggestion is still to disable plugs so to narrow it.

Steinberg invented the VST standard.

It’s shocking that they can’t even scan VSTs that third parties can without any issues whatsoever. How embarrassing.

I’m not disabling anything. I’ve not got time for enabling 1000 VSTs one by one.

I’ll wait for the next release and hope it gets fixed.

How about renaming the VST folder to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugin_ or something then start?

Also, to look for just 1 incompatible culprit plugin out of 1000 plugins won’t take the average of 500 tests to nail. You will need to do it 9 (1024 = 2^10) times.
You move the first half rounded by the power of 2 - 512 to a disabled folder and test, if the problem is gone, it’s in the first half. If not, it’s in the last half. Then test the first 256 of the defected half, then 128, and so on. If you do this 9 times, you will find the culprit.

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Whichever one it is, it works with literally every other piece of music software i own. I’m not interested in doing beta testing thanks

Was about to suggest that, renaming vst2 folder would probably have cured it already.
Then as a next step your method of successive approximation, hopefully helpful for other users and other cases.

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