High CPU when using stacks for vocal effects


has anyone any experience with the stacks when using vocal effects? For me, the CPU goes to almost 50 percent and stays there even when the song ends.

It’s a simple project: click track, cue track, backing tracks, video track. One track created for vocal. Up to this point, everything is working great.

As soon as I include stacks for vocal effects in the different parts, the CPU goes massively high. I created a stack for reverb and one for delay. These have different settings in verse and chorus. I have the effects set up as sends (insert I haven’t tested yet).
When the song starts, the CPU load is still low - then it keeps going up and stays at the high peak when the song ends.

I have been using Ableton Live for our live performance for the same application with the same tracks. Exactly the same third party plugins. Here I have no problems with the CPU (10 -13 % load).

So I don’t think it’s because of the plugins used.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Greetings Chris


Tried to recreate the problem but to no avail. Could you send a project that exposes this behaviour? Just the .vlprj file, no audio files etc needed. You may PM me. If you don’t want that, pls describe as many details as possible, system, plugins used, tracks created etc. Thank you!

Hi musicullum.

I sent you a PM. If you need more information, let me know.

Thank you

Problem solved. Probably the duplication of the stacks triggered an error.

Thanks musicullum for the support.