high level noise issue with 5.5.3

from time to time I am plagued with an extremely loud (full level +100dB) noise. From what I could find, this is already in discussion in the forum for Cubase 6.

What you get to hear is kind of screaming feedback-like noise, sometimes preceeded for a fraction of a second by random noise.

My findings so far are: (mixing with wav files 88.2kHz as the sources)

  • appears randomly but always during playback. I could not identify any particular trigger situation
  • does happen even with extremely simple projects, e.g. 5 audio tracks and NO plugins, instrument etc loaded !!
  • and also with 30 audio tracks and 40+ channels with tons of VST plugins (something one would more expect)
  • according to the meters, the source of this can be just one channel
  • for Stereo not sure about channel and panning. I had it in just one channel and on both channels
  • can be stopped and may not happen again even if Cubase is used on and not closed and loaded again.
  • level: FS +100dB (and whatever then your monitoring hardware makes out of it)
  • I think that I once got a message from Cubase that the video engine chrashed

What really concerns me is that apparently this is not related to ASIO or CPU load or data rates or 3rd-party software or equipment. For mixing,I have a Poco6000 running but this was idle (nothing loaded) when the last chrash happened (yesterday). I did not run into this with Cubase versions up to 5.5.2.

From what I could read in the Cubase6 forum. there might be a connection with preset files (XML?) or configurations?

This is so bad for monitors, clients, ears (and nerves) that I need a solution quickly.

Anyone any suggestions? Steinberg team? Any idea?


Reported many times at the old forums with different versions. Can’t recall if there was a fix. You don’t give complete system specs, so it’s hard to be more specific.